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March 31, 2015 | SEARCH

Masters of the Courtroom ®

Richard Sayles and Mark Werbner

Successfully protecting clients’ rights requires mastery of the law, the facts and the courtroom. Sayles Werbner has an international reputation as a “go to” trial law firm in multifaceted business litigation, patent litigation, life-altering personal injury cases, product safety lawsuits and other areas of the law.

Sayles Werbner Attorneys Recognized in 2015 Texas Rising Stars Listing

Five young courtroom lawyers from Dallas firm named among state’s best

DALLAS – Five attorneys from Dallas’ Sayles Werbner are being recognized among the top young lawyers in the state in the 2015 Texas Rising Stars list based on their courtroom work in Texas and across the United States.

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Sayles Werbner Founders Presenting Arguments at US Supreme Court

Firm representing Commil USA in one of 2015’s highest-profile patent cases

DALLAS – Attorneys Richard A. “Dick” Sayles and Mark. S. Werbner of Dallas’ Sayles Werbner will be presenting arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on March 31 for firm client Commil USA in one of the top patent cases of 2015.

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Sayles Werbner Helps Texas Trailer Corporation Win Take-Nothing Defense Verdict

Court, jury reject plaintiffs’ claims for $8 million in damages

GAINESVILLE, Texas – Attorneys Rob Sayles and Sawyer Neely of Dallas’ Sayles Werbner recently convinced a Texas jury to award a take-nothing defense verdict for Gainesville-based Texas Trailer Corporation after proving that the company did nothing improper in its testing of a prototype sand container in 2013 that failed the test.

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Mark Werbner to Deliver Law School Presentation on U.S. Anti-Terrorism Law

SAN FRANCISCO – Noted trial attorney Mark S. Werbner of Dallas’ Sayles Werbner will be delivering a presentation at one of California’s top law schools to examine the history and impact of the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act. Werbner also will discuss his work as one of the lead lawyers in the first U.S. trial against a foreign bank for providing material support to terrorists.

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Sayles Werbner Handling One of Nation’s Top Patent Cases for 2015

DALLAS – Sayles Werbner is preparing to deliver arguments this spring before the U.S. Supreme Court in a closely watched patent infringement case that is being described as one of the country’s top patent cases to watch in 2015.

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Sayles Werbner Brochure Celebrates Firm’s 20th Anniversary

DALLAS – Sayles Werbner is celebrating its 20th year as one of the nation’s leading law firms with an informative brochure that highlights the firm’s history and accomplishments during the past two decades.

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The Story Behind the Arab Bank Trial

When federal jurors in Brooklyn, N.Y., issued their recent liability verdict against Arab Bank, plc, for helping finance terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens, the unanimous decision moved the plaintiffs one step closer in their 10-year quest for justice.

The 11-person jury’s verdict followed 10 years of litigation and appeals up through the U.S. Supreme Court. The first trial involved 24 terrorist attacks that were perpetrated by Hamas, a Foreign Terrorist Organization, in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza between 2001 and 2004. Following six weeks of trial and two days of deliberations, the verdict marked the first time a financial institution has been held civilly liable for materially supporting terrorism.

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Notice of Settlement

To all Persons and Entities Who Have Held Common Stock of Sun River Energy, Inc. from August 2010 – the Present: Please click on the following link to read the notice about the Proposed Settlement in David Neiger, et al. v. Sun River Energy, Inc. v. Donal R. Schmidt, Jr., et al., in the District Court of Dallas County, Texas, 134th Judicial District.

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Mark Werbner, Co-Counsel Honored by The American Lawyer for Arab Bank Verdict Win

The American Lawyer magazine is honoring Mark Werbner of Sayles Werbner and other members of the trial team that successfully represented nearly 300 U.S. victims of international terrorism in the landmark terrorism-financing verdict recently handed down against Jordan-based Arab Bank.

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Jurors Find Arab Bank Liable in New York Terrorism Funding Trial

Jordan-based bank held accountable for overseas terror attacks against U.S. citizens

BROOKLYN, New York – Nearly 300 U.S. citizens who were victimized in 24 terrorist attacks in Israel and the Palestinian Territories have prevailed in a civil lawsuit against Amman, Jordan-based Arab Bank PLC after a New York federal jury found that the bank knowingly provided material financial support to the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

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Four from Dallas’ Sayles Werbner Named to 2014 Texas Super Lawyers List

Co-founder Dick Sayles again named among state’s Top 10 attorneys

DALLAS – Four attorneys from Dallas’ Sayles Werbner have earned spots on the 2014 Texas Super Lawyers list of the state’s top attorneys, including firm co-founder Richard A. “Dick” Sayles, who was named one of the Top 10 lawyers in Texas for the fifth straight year.

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Mark Werbner, Plaintiffs Rest in Arab Bank Trial, Defense Phase Begins

DALLAS – Mark Werbner and other attorneys have concluded their presentation of testimony in the high-profile trial against Arab Bank, being tried in federal court in Brooklyn. The plaintiffs represented by Mr. Werbner and co-counsel include more than 200 U.S. victims of suicide bombing terror attacks allegedly funded by Arab Bank between 2000 and 2004. Mr. Werbner and the trial proceedings continue to draw national and international news media attention, including:

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Trial Continues Against Arab Bank in Brooklyn Federal Court

DALLAS – The high-profile trial against Arab Bank over terrorism funding continues to draw attention. Attorney Mark Werbner of Dallas’ Sayles Werbner, and other attorneys are representing more than 200 U.S. victims of international terror attacks seeking to hold Arab Bank responsible for its alleged role in providing material support to the terrorist group Hamas, including cash payments for the families of suicide bombers.

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