May 29, 2015 | SEARCH

Arab Bank Ruling Featured in The New York Times

Terror victims attorney Mark Werbner of Sayles Werbner tells The New York Times that his clients will benefit from a recent federal ruling against Arab Bank.

The important decision from Judge Nina Gershon of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York is highlighted in a story published in the July 14, 2010, edition of The New York Times. In her ruling, Judge Gershon ruled that jurors will be instructed that they can infer that Arab Bank provided financial assistance to terrorist groups. Mr. Werbner is playing a lead role in the $1 billion lawsuit on behalf of more than 100 families and 700 individual victims of terrorism.

“This will be a precedent that will help victims of terrorism bring cases against banks and others who help finance terrorism,” Mr. Werbner told the newspaper. Read the full The New York Times article featuring Terror Victims Attorney Mark Werbner.

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