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Patent Litigation

Trial lawyers at Sayles Werbner regularly litigate patent infringement matters on both sides of the docket, representing a wide variety of companies and investors. Our patent litigation group is led by veteran trial attorney Dick Sayles, co-founder of Sayles Werbner. Our proven experience in patent cases includes claims involving medical devices, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, software, electronics, and semiconductor technology. Our skilled lawyers vigorously defend and enforce our clients’ patents in cases pending in the U.S. District Courts for the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas.

Patents often represent a company’s most valuable asset. With the rapid advances in technology, patents are being increasingly contested in courtrooms by companies large and small. Patent infringement lawsuits have unique protocols. Typically, after filing of the initial pleadings, the parties are required to serve their claim contentions (i.e., infringement or invalidity), which identify the factual predicate underlying their legal claims. The parties then engage in a process that culminates in the Court construing disputed patent terms (a Markman hearing). Only after such terms have been construed, does an infringement case proceed toward trial.

Many patent infringement lawsuits are won or lost during the initial stages involving contentions and claims construction. Accordingly, their importance cannot be underestimated. Our attorneys are well versed in the courts where patent cases are heard, and our experience in these cases is why more and more companies are calling on Sayles Werbner for patent litigation expertise.

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