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Securities & Financial Fraud Litigation

Securities & Financial fraud is a crime in which laws meant to protect investors and securities traders are violated. Perpetrators of securities fraud and financial fraud may include stockbrokers, analysts, brokerage firms, corporations, investment banks, and private investors. For example, an analyst at a brokerage firm may give a stock a favorable rating in order to secure the company’s investment banking business, despite knowing that the stock is not a smart buy for investors. In another example, a private investor may commit securities fraud by acting on inside information. Securities and financial fraud is a serious offense that can carry both civil and criminal penalties.

In recent years, the securities industry has been anything but secure. Millions of investors have lost a substantial portion of their operating accounts, retirement funds or other assets through the well-documented misconduct, mismanagement and misrepresentations in the financial community. Sayles Werbner attorneys rely on a wealth of experience in complex commercial litigation to investigate alleged financial fraud, litigate investors’ claims and apply every resource to recover lost assets on behalf of institutional and individual investors.

The attorneys at Sayles Werbner represent a variety of investors whose investment portfolios have been lost or damaged in the Stanford Financial and Bernard Madoff scandals in addition to many less-visible cases involving stock broker liability, bad investment schemes, tax shelters, and others. The firm’s proven track record in financial fraud cases is why more and more investors are calling on Sayles Werbner.

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