Jan 04

National TV Network Airing Bus Crash Trial

(Dallas) – Court TV, the cable television network dedicated to covering trials and legal issues, is telling viewers the story of the 2002 bus crash near Terrell, Texas that killed five people and injured many more. 

A group of crash survivors sued Dallas-based Discovery Tours and its owner, Eric Rockmore.  Last September, a jury found in favor of the crash victims, and awarded about $70.9 million.  A Court TV crew traveled to Dallas and videotaped the trial, and made plans to broadcast it later.

“I’m glad that Court TV is willing to devote its considerable resources to show this trial to America.  This is an important case,” says attorney Mark Werbner of Sayles Werbner in Dallas.  Mr. Werbner represented the family of 15-year-old Nick Stout, who was left brain damaged and permanently disabled as a result of the crash.  

In addition, the Stouts were represented by Eric Pearson and John Conway of Sayles Werbner.  Other plaintiffs in the case were represented by attorneys David Schiller and Stephen Khoury of Dallas.  Mr. Rockmore and Discovery Tours were represented by attorney Rob Miller of Dallas.

The bus was carrying a youth group from Metro Church of Garland to a church camp in Louisiana when it hit a concrete abutment on Interstate 20.  The crash tore the bus into pieces, killing four children and the driver, Ernest Carter.  Thirty-six others were injured.

Tests later showed that Mr. Carter had been under the influence of cocaine and Valium at the time of the crash.  Telephone records indicated Carter did not get the amount of rest the federal government requires prior to getting behind the wheel.

At the time of the crash, Rockmore and his businesses were insured by Republic Western Insurance Company.   Before trial, Republic Western refused several offers from plaintiffs to settle their claims against Rockmore within the limits of Rockmore’s insurance policy.  Now, Rockmore has agreed to drop his appeal of the jury’s verdict and to cooperate with plaintiffs in their effort to obtain satisfaction of the court judgment from Republic Western.

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