Apr 30

Mark Werbner Featured Among Dallas' Top Corporate Litigators in D CEO Magazine

DALLAS – Mark Werbner, name partner and co-founder of the Dallas litigation firm Sayles Werbner PC, is recognized among the city’s top corporate litigators in a feature article appearing in the May issue of D CEO magazine.

In the article available here, the publication takes a look at the reasons behind the success of Mr. Werbner and four other Dallas attorneys with “larger-than-life reputations in the legal community.” The article, titled “The Advocates,” points to Mr. Werbner’s “animated and lively” approach, as well as his ability to “keep a little distance, in an effort to see the case from the jury’s perspective” as what sets him apart from other attorneys.

“My approach may not be the same as other attorneys,” says Mr. Werbner. “But it allows me to connect with the jury in a way that they may not be able. There is no single way to approach litigation.”

A veteran of more than 150 trials, Mr. Werbner is noted in the article for winning two of the largest jury awards in Dallas County history. In 2007, he helped win a $73.5 million verdict against Sears, Roebuck and Co. in a lawsuit involving a violation of investor agreements. In 2001, he won one of the nation’s largest verdicts when jurors awarded $454 million in a breach of contract lawsuit against Comp USA Inc. and company president, billionaire Carlos “Slim” Helu.

Success, Mr. Werbner says in the article, comes from his ability to “craft the story and set the pace” when litigating against companies. He counsels his CEO clients to take the same approach.

“You don’t want to come off like a fish out of water in front of a jury full of people who might be working two jobs to make ends meet,” he says.

Mr. Werbner is widely recognized as one of the nation's top trial lawyers. He was honored in 2007 among the top commercial litigators by Texas Lawyer, and as one of the top business defense attorneys in North Texas by the Dallas Business Journal. Additionally, he routinely has been featured in the Texas Super Lawyers listing in Texas Monthly magazine, and as one of the Best Lawyers in Dallas in D Magazine.

Sayles Werbner has an international reputation as a “go to” trial law firm in multifaceted business and product liability litigation, patent litigation, life-altering personal injury cases, product safety lawsuits and other areas of the law. More information about the firm can be found at

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