Apr 22

Sayles Werbner Secures Significant Settlement in Breach of Contract Dispute

DALLAS – Attorneys from Dallas’ Sayles Werbner recently settled a significant lawsuit on behalf of Paradigm Air Carriers, Inc., d/b/a Paradigm Air Operators Inc., and SportsJet Air Operators, LLC (Paradigm), against Texas Rangers Baseball Partners (TRBP), the entity that previously owned the Texas Rangers baseball team.

Sayles Werbner attorneys Will Snyder, Darren Nicholson and Robert Sayles successfully represented Paradigm against TRBP in a hotly contested breach-of-contract case stemming from TRBP’s bankruptcy. The disputed contract was executed by TRBP and its parent company, Hicks Sports Group (“HSG”), on the eve of TRBP’s bankruptcy filing in 2010.

The contract allowed Paradigm to continue flying the Rangers baseball team to away games through the 2017 baseball season, as Paradigm had done under previous contracts dating back to 2003. According to the lawsuit, when the new contract was challenged by TRBP’s creditors in the company’s bankruptcy proceeding, TRBP attempted to terminate the contract through an “amendment” that was executed without Paradigm’s knowledge or consent.

Paradigm challenged the contractual amendment as invalid and won summary judgment on its breach-of-contract claim in July 2013. Despite being determined contractually liable, TRBP persisted in its efforts to escape liability by filing a counterclaim against Paradigm that attempted to void the contract under the Bankruptcy Code. Paradigm eliminated that counterclaim in October 2014 through a second successful summary judgment motion.

“TRBP vigorously defended this case for over four years, raising every conceivable defense or counterclaim available under Texas common law or the Bankruptcy Code, but we eventually stripped away those defenses and counterclaims and backed them into a corner,” says Snyder. “Paradigm was a great business partner that did things the right way. It very much deserved the justice delivered by the Court’s rulings and the recoveries it obtained through the settlement.”

The case is Paradigm Air Carriers, Inc., et al. v. Texas Rangers Baseball Partners, Adv. No. 11-4017.

Snyder, Nicholson, and Sayles are trial lawyers who regularly represent plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts across the country in a variety of high-stakes matters involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligent misrepresentations, trade secret misappropriation, securities fraud, intellectual property disputes, white-collar criminal defense, product liability, and wrongful death.

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