Aug 29

Sayles Werbner's Darren Nicholson Calls for More Regulation of Oil Field Operators

DALLAS – Oil and gas litigation attorney Darren Nicholson of Dallas’ Sayles Werbner is hailing the Department of Labor’s recently announced plans for increased scrutiny of oil field operators following a reported 23 percent increase in oil field worker deaths last year.

Mr. Nicholson recently was quoted in the popular legal publication Law360 about the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report on the growing number of injuries and deaths among oil and gas workers. According to the Bureau, 138 oil field workers died last year in worksite accidents, the highest total in 10 years.

“You’re seeing the industry pushing the envelope — hiring a lot of new workers, not training them enough, not instituting safety standards enough — and as a result, you’re seeing an increase in injuries and an increase in fatalities,” Mr. Nicholson told Law360.

Mr. Nicholson and his fellow attorneys at Sayles Werbner represent injured workers and families who have lost loved ones in oil filed accidents involving oil and gas truck crashes, refinery explosions, pipeline explosions, wastewater truck accidents, defective equipment, gas leaks, collapsed decks, fires, falling equipment, gushers, blowouts, and other dangerous situations.

Earlier this year, Mr. Nicholson and Sayles Werbner attorney Mark Torian filed a lawsuit on behalf of the surviving children of an oil rig worker who was electrocuted while operating a power washer on a West Texas drilling rig.

The two attorneys say the growing number of energy companies and oil field service companies tied to the shale boom in Texas, North Dakota and other states has contributed to the lack of appropriate training and the lax safety measures found at many oil and gas drilling sites throughout the U.S.

“When you have a smaller company or smaller operation, they have fewer resources to develop robust safety systems and protocols,” Mr. Nicholson was quoted in Law360. “There’s not a big economic incentive to do that right now.”

Sayles Werbner has an international reputation as a “go-to” trial law firm in multifaceted business litigation, patent litigation, life-altering personal injury cases, and other areas of the law. 

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